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Antonio Civitella, the CEO and founder of Transfinder in Schenectady, has started a new company called GeoMarketing that will fuse high-tech location technology with sales practices.

Civitella is launching the new firm as a true startup, planning to hire just a handful of employees and incubating the company in the New York BizLab, the startup hub that he owns down the street from Transfinder.

GeoMarketing will also be holding a job fair on Thursday,  Dec. 7, to try and find its first employees.

GeoMarketing will use sales technology that was developed at Transfinder, which makes bus routing software for school districts. Civitella has grown Transfinder by carefully pursing leads on school districts that might benefit from his software and then ensuring that those customers remain happy with Transfinder.

Transfinder also used its own mapping software to enhance its sales practices. Civitella says that a company’s reputation is often determined by word-of-mouth referrals, and those relationships can often be mapped out, providing a sales organization with useful data.

GeoMarketing will provide its customers with sales mapping technology and will also provide manpower to make sales calls.

Civitella said the company will officially launch on Jan. 1 and he expects that the company’s sales will grow enough in the first year to sustain itself on its own after Civitella’s initial investment, which he declined to reveal.

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