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GeoMarketing’s proprietary lead generation system is designed to identify your strongest prospects. Our process includes building your brand awareness through such marketing efforts as advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media so people have heard about you before they hear from you. The desired outcome is to generate enough interest so they’re calling you and it comes as part of our Awareness Process.

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You’ve heard about 6 degrees of separation. At GeoMarketing, we believe we’re even more connected than that. Do you know your clients’ customers? Do you know their needs and pain points? Like a detective looking for clues, GeoMarketing provides a fresh set of eagle eyes to your case. It’s part of our Evaluation Process.



You’ve heard the expression “Location, location, location.” Add intelligence to the equation and now you’ve got something that matters. But an instrument in the hands of an untrained musician will only lead to more noise. GeoMarketing made the instrument and continues fine-tuning it with your input. What does the optimum pipeline look like? How many qualified leads are needed in this optimum pipeline? But location isn’t just about where these clients are physically located but where they are emotionally. Are they ready to try something new? This is part of our Intelligence Process.


24/7 Connection

We meet your future clients where they’re at. (And we KNOW where they’re at. It’s what we do!). As part of our Engagement Process, we not only keep your products front and center before potential clients, we stay engaged with them so the most promising prospects remain warm leads.


Do you have needs for: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Data Collection, Market Research, Tele-Commerce, Event and Conference Invitations, Attendee Follow-Up.

We can help! GeoMarketing is a full service tele-commerce company. We are dedicated to developing strong partnerships with our clients allowing us to fully understand their needs. We harness the power of geo based data with our trained and experienced sales professionals, which allows YOU to focus on your core business.

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